Who Wants to Color? - I have coloring pages in my New Etsy Shop.

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Hooray for the adult coloring trend! We no longer have to endure the humiliation of pulling out the ol' Minnie Mouse coloring book, lol, we now have beautiful, sophisticated coloring pages made just for us.

I also think coloring is great for practicing mindfulness. Like Zentangle, it's focused on the strokes of the crayon and the repetitive filling in of spaces rather than the creative process (although choosing which colors go where can be quite creative if you want) which lends itself to the meditative, zen-like state you can achieve while doing it.

These would be great to print out half size and use as a greeting card. Or you can frame your finished artwork and hang it up to admire everyday! :)

I've added a few coloring pages to my shop already and will be adding more as I am able to draw them up. I'll make more mandala, some cuter illustrations (my style of cute, lol, like cute mushrooms and such), some abstract art, and anything else I can think of.

I'd love some requests or suggestions for coloring pages! Just let me know what you'd like me to do in the comments.

These are the 3 pages I have in the shop so far! They are instant download PDF files so you don't have to wait to start.

 Lotus Garden : A Zentangle Inspired Abstract coloring page.

Mandalas & Leaves : A Henna Inspired design
I left the center blank on this one so you can fill it with whatever you'd like, maybe your favorite symbol or someone's name or maybe your own mandala!

Mandala : A Mehndi Inspired large mandala

I'd LOVE for you to share your colored in pages! Post photos to my FB page, Mindful Doodling

-xo deb.


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