Why am I here?

Not too long ago I had an epiphany. I got "stuck" on the window seat of a flight and was irritated that I had to be by the cold side of the plane and excuse myself every time I needed to get up.

Halfway through the flight, just as morning was coming, I opened up the window shade to the most amazing sunrise views and I thought... I'd never have seen this if I'd sat in an aisle seat and then began to think about what we miss out on because we pick the comfortable or easy choice. Or just because we're not sure how to do something, a little bit afraid, or pushed out of our comfort zone.

Life is way too short. There is too much to do and see and experience. We should always, metaphorically, choose the window seat.

This used to be my favorite place to be, I'd have my nose plastered to the window the entire flight, looking at cities and farmland below, cloud formations, and the nothingness that is sometimes the view out a plane window.


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