New Tutorial : How to Draw the Zentangle Pattern Punch!

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Zentangle Pattern Punch - so cool.

This pattern is really cool. It's a patience stretcher with all the filling in (get a thicker pen to do the filling in) but worth it cause it looks awesome when it's finished.

Here's the step out for you to show you the steps at a glance.

Enjoy! Post a photo of your Punch art in the comments.


Speed Drawing : Quick Mandala

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I love to watch artists do speed drawings (they are mesmerizing to watch) so thought it'd be super fun to do one of my own. This is just a quick, spur of the moment, mandala I did this time, but I think I just may do some more elaborate drawings. Stay tuned. ;)

This is also a design that would be great as a Henna mandala!

Happy Drawing!

Zentangle Valentine's Heart Series Designs 2016

Zentangle pattern Zinger, sooo cute!

Happy Valentine's Day!

I'm not a huge celebrater of Valentine's Day... well, not since my son got old enough to not care and most definitely NOT want any Valentine's goodies (well, maybe some candy as long as I don't present it to him is too cheesy of a manner, lolol. ...boys!), but I thought it'd be super fun to do a series of hearts decorated with Zentangle patterns for Valentine's Day, cause who doesn't love a good excuse to do some Zentangle! ;)

I chose some of my favorite patterns that include some easier ones and some that are a little more complicated (but still fairly easy). There are 5 in total and I made videos and step-outs of each pattern I used in the designs.

There are a couple that I think are just too adorable for words, but I wanna hear what your favorite is. Let me know if the comments! And when you give one (or more) a try, take a pic and post it here so I can see what you did. Or, you can post them on my FB Mindful Doodling page (be sure to give it a Like while you're there so you can easily see when I post new doodles!

Have fun! -xoxo

**ACK! I just realized that I forgot to edit and upload the Kitty pattern heart video. I'll do that asap and stick it in here!!! :D

Zentangle Heart Series! Patterns Betweed, Zinger, Mumsy, Knightsbridge, Ruflz, Kitty, and some spirals.

Zentangle pattern Betweed step-out

Zentangle pattern Mumsy step-out

Zentangle pattern Knightsbridge step-out

Zentangle pattern Zinger step-out

Zentangle pattern Ruflz step-out

Zentangle pattern Kitty step-out

Happy Mindful Doodling. :)

How to Draw Zentangle Pattern Cuddles Variations

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Cuddles Variation
Here's the follow-up video for the Zentangle pattern cuddles. I draw 2 very different variations and shade them.

I think I'm going to experiment with a little deeper shading. Using a 4b or 6b pencil (pencils have hardness/softness ratings 6h to 6b, hard to soft, and softer pencil leads leave a darker, softer mark that blends easier) for the darkest areas and blending out. I live super contrasting shading. :) I'll let you know how it goes.

Again, let me know if you have any questions and post your drawings in the comments or on the FB page: Mindful Doodling

Full video:

Speedy version:

-xo deb

How to Draw the Zentangle Pattern Cuddles, with shading and a variation.

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Zentangle Pattern Cuddles Variation

More Zentangle fun. I've kinda been on a binge recently which started with me writing out a syllabus and supplies list for some Zentangle classes I'm doing soon. It not only got my Zentangle juices flowing but also is what prompted me to make the FB page for sharing all things Mindful Doodling related. (if you haven't already, hop on over and like the page Mindful Doodling, Zentangle and Beyond). Turns out I really like making process videos!!

For this tutorial, I made a whole, fairly long video of how to draw the pattern and then thought it might be good to have a shortened version of it, for those who don't have the time (or patience) to watch the long version. I also just took some stills of the step-out and variations. :) --I also made a video for the other two variations, I'll post that shortly.

Give it a try and show me your versions. Post a photo in the comments here or on the FB page!

Step by Step on how to draw the Cuddles pattern

The basic Cuddles pattern

A Cuddles Pattern Variation

Another Cuddles pattern variation

Have fun and don't forget to show me your drawings!
-xo deb.

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