Zentangle String Examples

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I thought I'd put up some examples of Zentangle Strings, which is the line drawn design that you put the patterns in when making a Zentangle tile.

I've found that a lot of people have trouble thinking of what to make for their string. I think it's the "blank page" syndrome thing, lol. But it's really just about making a simple scribble or a couple of lines down w/o worrying about being creative or making something "cool". Remember those scribble coloring designs we made as a kid? (well, I made them at least, lol) where you make a bunch of swirls and loops on a page with a pen and then color in all the sections with different colors? That's basically what you're doing for your Zentangle string, just much simpler, like just one or two loops. :) --although it doesn't have to be loops, it can be anything (I just thought I'd give that as an example) you can make straight lines or curved lines, abstract shapes or even a specific shape, a simple flower shape makes a good string.

Anyway, I wanted to do a series for the blog where I post a few examples of strings that I've done for your use or inspiration. Feel free to copy them exactly or just use them as inspiration.

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