Always Choose the Window Seat

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I decided to start a blog to share my thoughts on living life, taking chances, getting out of your comfort zone, and just basically doing things that make you feel alive.

The idea for this blog popped into my head after a flight where I was "stuck" sitting in the window seat (which, btw, used to be my favorite spot) which meant being cold and having to excuse myself, and possibly wake people up, every time I needed to get up.

Mid-way through the flight, when it was just getting to the "morning" part of the flight, I opened up the window shade to look out and was amazed at the gorgeous sunrise views. It was really stunning and I never would have seen it if I'd sat in the, more convenient, aisle seat.

Later, I was thinking about how I've started making choices on how convenient something is or how comfortable I was in doing it. (When did this happen anyway? Is it just a part of getting older? Is it lazy? or too busy? I don't know.). How much am I missing out on now because of my choices? How much more amazing could life be if I made choices that stretched my comfort limit, if I picked the less convenient choices, if I always chose the window seat.

(: deb
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