How to Draw the Zentangle Pattern Cuddles, with shading and a variation.

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Zentangle Pattern Cuddles Variation

More Zentangle fun. I've kinda been on a binge recently which started with me writing out a syllabus and supplies list for some Zentangle classes I'm doing soon. It not only got my Zentangle juices flowing but also is what prompted me to make the FB page for sharing all things Mindful Doodling related. (if you haven't already, hop on over and like the page Mindful Doodling, Zentangle and Beyond). Turns out I really like making process videos!!

For this tutorial, I made a whole, fairly long video of how to draw the pattern and then thought it might be good to have a shortened version of it, for those who don't have the time (or patience) to watch the long version. I also just took some stills of the step-out and variations. :) --I also made a video for the other two variations, I'll post that shortly.

Give it a try and show me your versions. Post a photo in the comments here or on the FB page!

Step by Step on how to draw the Cuddles pattern

The basic Cuddles pattern

A Cuddles Pattern Variation

Another Cuddles pattern variation

Have fun and don't forget to show me your drawings!
-xo deb.


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