Beginnings of a New Mandala : Dragonfly Mandala with an Art Nouveau flair

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Hey everyone!

I've been working on a new mandala for awhile, just trying to work out the elements I want to include. I really wanted to give it an Art Nouveau flavor without over doing it, so it took some trials to get the elements that I wanted (actually still working on the last few).

I'm finally at the layout stage! I'm sketching out a more details layout for this one because I want it to be more precise and symmetrical to balance the more organic dragonfly. Anyway, I did a quick video of the sketch just for fun. This is about 1.5 hours of sketching. I actually sketched more, but my phone ran out of battery before I was done... and I didn't notice, lol. It's good enough, you get the general idea I think! :)

I should be doing the final inking soon, I'll likely post a video of some or all of that and definitely a photo of the final work.

Hope you like it.

-xo Deb.


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