Shading and Making Shadows Tutorial Videos for Zentangle and More

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I made a few video tutorials on how to make shadows and shading your Zentangles and other drawings.

I kept them very basic, shading can get very technical but I don't think that's necessary when mindful doodling and making Zentangles. We really just want to add interest and definition to our art and these videos will show you how to do that.

Please let me know if you have any questions, either in the comments here or on my YouTube channel.

Happy drawing!

Part 1 - shading a sphere and paying attention to the light source

Part 2 - shading a couple more shapes: a cylinder and a cone

Part 3 - using shading to hi-light objects and bring them forward in the drawing

Part 4 - examples of shaded Zentangles and how they're made


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